The Most Jaw-Dropping Beaches In Cornwall, UK

Being an island, the UK is home to a lot of beaches. They come in a wide range, but one of the best places to hang out by the sea is in Cornwall. The English region considers itself to be its own part of the world, and the diverse area has some jaw-dropping beaches.

The Most Jaw-Dropping Beaches In Cornwall, UK

Bossiney Haven

Bossiney Haven isn’t really a beach, it’s a cove that’s hidden away amongst the rocks of the South West. It’s easy to miss, and you need to watch your footing coming down the steep steps, but it’s all worth it once you get there. The sand is pristine, and you’ll find some of the cleanest water anywhere on the UK coastline. Try to look out for Elephant Rock, which is a rock that looks just like an elephant drinking water.

Constantine Bay

In the UK, Cornwall is seen as a surfing hotspot, and there’s no more challenging place to get on your board in the water than Constantine Bay. There are a bunch of sand dunes that people have great fun jumping from plus hidden amongst the landscape are rock pools and a soft beach. The beach can be accessed from other beaches so you can see more of the area just by hitting up this wide beach.

The Most Jaw-Dropping Beaches In Cornwall, UK

Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach is seen in the UK as their equivalent of Bondi Beach. The surf is great here for large portions of the year thanks to the regular big swells and impressive barrels. The family beach is safe and popular with just about everyone who visits Cornwall, and if you’ve always wanted to try surfing, then check out the surf schools here.

Cornwall is one of the most diverse regions in the UK, but it’s best-known for its large quantity of beaches. These are our picks for best in Cornwall.