Take a Trip to the Australian Outback on This Incredible Vintage Train

Overcoming the disastrous effect of the global pandemic, Australia is finally reopening its border for travelers after almost two years and the 100-year-old luxury train, The Ghan, is once again ready to take the international passengers on a journey across the outbacks of the country. Read on to take an Aussie ride like never before!

The Route

The historic train has been transporting travelers since 1929, from Adelaide on the southern coast to Darwin in the far north of the country. The incredible 54-hour journey covers 1850-mile and provides several opportunities to explore the Australian outback.

The Train

The vintage slow-ride train stretches almost a mile in length and includes 44 different carriages. In fact, according to Time Out, the train is so exceptionally long that the caboose arrives on the station platforms almost 15 minutes later than its front!

The Services

Adding a touch of luxury to the leisure, all the 44 carriages of the train are filled to the brim with luxe amenities. The Gold Service is the most basic service, where the passengers have access to a shared lounge and travel in a sleeper cabin. The next level is the Gold Superior Service, where the riders have a dedicated lounge area, and the cabins come with a bit more space and comfort. The Ghan offers the Platinum Service for its most affluent travelers, providing the most luxurious experience for those passengers.

The Journey

Some of the best moments of the journey take place off the track. Passengers generally look forward to dining beneath the starry sky at the historic Telegraph Station in the town of Alice Springs. A few other exploration highlights of the trip include wandering through an underground opal mining town named Coober Pedy, and learning about indigenous culture in Nitmiluk Gorge. For the passengers seeking to explore the Australian outback even more deeply, there are various add-on experiences, like a plane ride from Alice Springs to the famous Uluru Rock, among others.