Why You Need To Visit Lamu Island in Kenya

Just off the coast of Kenya is one of the most magical lands on the planet: Lamu Island. After setting eyes on the place, it might not be long before you find plenty of reasons why you need to visit Lamu Island in Kenya.

Why You Need To Visit Lamu Island in Kenya

Sail On A Dhow

Believe it or not, but there are only two cars on the island: a car for the governor and a donkey ambulance. This means one of the only ways to explore the area is on a traditional Dhow. These boats can take you all around the island while giving you a view of Lamu Island like no other.

Explore A Ruined City

The City of Takwa was once a hustling, bustling neighborhood that was filled with one of the largest settlements on Kenya’s coast. Many believe the town was abandoned in the 17th century thanks to the lack of fresh water on Manda Island. The coral stone ruins have been left almost untouched ever since.

Why You Need To Visit Lamu Island in Kenya

Enjoy The Beaches

Of course, being an island means that Lamu Island is surrounded by beaches. The best bit? They are mostly deserted meaning that visitors will typically have the place to themselves. The beaches are also some of the best places to see the incredible sunsets that greet the island that greet the island every evening.

Discover Donkeys

Many use Dhows to get about the island, but there is another choice for those who want to stay away from the water: donkeys. Yes, these incredible animals are used to get people everywhere and are often treated like royalty. That’s not all. These donkeys are often left wandering across the entire island as they make the place their own.

Why You Need To Visit Lamu Island in Kenya

Take In Seafood

Being surrounded by water means the majority of the meals on Lamu Island involves fresh seafood. This means a trip to the island can be perfect for anyone who enjoys a seafood meal or two. There are typically fresh catches every day, and the quality of food and flavors on offer is often unbeatable.

Lamu Island was once at the top of many people’s lists as a vacation destination, but it has since fallen off the list. Why? It looks as though it’s time to fall back in love with this hidden gem thanks to the many reasons this island is one of the best.