Everything There Is To Know About A Trip To Bejing’s Forbidden City

For years, the Forbidden City was hidden away from the public. However, that’s all changed. For the first time in years, the public is allowed to explore areas of Beijing’s best attraction that have always been off-limits. Here’s everything you need to know before your trip.

Plan Your Visit

It can be easy to lose an entire day to the Forbidden City. Although it is worth checking out the main attractions in the city, half the fun can be getting lost in the labyrinth of halls and courtyards.

Stepping Into The Forbidden City

Guests get to enter the Forbidden City through a gate that was once reserved for an emperor – and an emperor only. Here, you are immediately greeted to the site of the Golden Stream.

Climb The Wall

One of the best ways to see all there is to offer without the crowds is to climb the wall. Visitors can explore a large portion of the wall without the hustle and bustle that comes with the main buildings.

Filled With Galleries

There are several galleries that would have once been used for all kinds of occasions. The Hall of Literary Brilliance was once occupied by a prince and now regularly hosts different exhibitions throughout the year.

Explore The Halls

The Three Great Halls are found in the heart of the city and were once the tallest building in the capital. They were also the most important aspect of the Forbidden City and are well worth a visit.

Investigate The Forbidden City’s Palaces

Wandering around the Forbidden City is an excellent want to uncover all the forgotten palaces. These were once home to empresses, and some even contain the remains of fallen emperors – as well as the famous Terracotta Warriors.

The Forbidden City might not be forbidden anymore, but the rich history and incredible sights within are enough to transport many of us back in time.