The Ultimate Travel Destinations For Geeky Travelers

Just because you’re heading on vacation doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on learning a thing or two, right? Of course not! It could be time to craft the ultimate list of travel destinations for geeky travelers if you want to get your exploration on while still being surrounded by the things that you love.

The Ultimate Travel Destinations For Geeky Travelers


The Kennedy Space Center lets people get up close and personal with some incredible space shuttles from over the years. To top it off, the Luna Theatre gives us a chance to experience what it’s like being in the control room while launching Apollo 8 – not an experience to be missed.

United Kingdom

From Shakespeare’s Globe to a number of tours that take us around locations used in the likes of Doctor Who, it appears as though there’s no end to the number of sights on offer across the nation. Plus, their diverse museums in the capital helps us travel through time, past and future.


Many great discoveries have been made in Italy over the years, and thankfully, we can still take a look at many of the things that helped to make them happen. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is just one of the monuments that stands high above the country as it’s filled with all those moments from the past.

The Ultimate Travel Destinations For Geeky Travelers

New Zealand

If you love Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, then it might be time to book a trip to New Zealand. Believe it or not, but Matamata was completely rebuilt for the movies, and all of the houses and other aspects of the set are still there for us to enjoy. To top it off, the rest of the country is also filled with a handful of filming locations from the movies.


This city is filled with just about every comic book lover’s dream as the streets are bustling with manga stores and places dedicated to some of our favorite characters. There is memorabilia that is often out of this world while the many conventions that take place throughout the city can give us plenty to enjoy in between stops.

Geeky travel is a growing market as more and more of us want to combine our passions with our need to travel. Thankfully, there are many places all around the world that should help to give us everything we need.