Top 3 African Safari Experiences of All-Time

Safari is a lifetime adventure for thrill-seekers and an exciting experience for wildlife enthusiasts. With a vast range of geological diversity, Africa is one of the most Safari-potent countries in the world, offering rich wildlife and different activities. Here are few hand-picked African Safari experiences for you to be out in the wild!

Overnight Staying in a Treehouse or Sleep-Out Deck at the Lion Sands, South Africa

To fully experience a truly spectacular African Jungle night, go for an overnight stay in a tree-house or the open-air sleep-out deck, at the Lion Sands in South Africa. Billions of sparkling stars on the vast deep blue sky overhead, and surrounding symphony of whoops, roars, and calls of hyenas, lions, and various other nocturnal animals from the deep forest, will deliver you a once-in-a-lifetime thrilling adventure. Depending on your budget, there are a varied range of luxurious options to provide you a home out of home, completing with a big comfortable bed, sofa set and deck chairs, flickering lantern-decorated patio, en-suite bathroom, etc.

Boating to a Rookery in the Okavango Delta Channels, Botswana

For enthusiast bird-watchers, the Okavango Delta in Botswana is a never-to-miss destination. The channels of Delta display an astonishing array of residential and migratory birdlife with more than 400 recorded species. Rent a motorboat and explore through the maze of channels. Then finally visit a rookery, where you can observe different wildlife up and close, busy in their mundane actions.

Breakfasting with Rothschild Giraffes at the Nairobi Giraffe Manor, Kenya

One of the most renowned icons of Nairobi in Kenya is the Giraffe Manor. Sitting on a spacious 140-acres of area, this world-famous boutique hotel is actually a giraffe sanctuary, housing the endangered Rothschild Giraffe species. One of the most popular tourist actions here is breakfasting with the giraffes. The semi-habituated giraffe residents here delight the guests, especially excited children by leaning from the windows into the room to share their breakfast. An unforgettable morning greeting indeed!