How to Make a Sustainable Impact While Traveling

What does sustainable travel mean? Generally, it’s about being a responsible traveler and making choices that are intentionally waste-free throughout your trip. Of course, it’s easier said than done. But the following practical tips will help every person who wants to be more sustainable while on their next vacation or trip. 

Travel off the beaten track or off-peak

When planning a trip, it’s good to consider the road less traveled. Or even just moving beyond the tourist hotspots. European capitals like Belgrade, Ljubljana, and Tallinn offer hip art scenes, centuries-old architecture, and plenty of winding streets to explore without jostling through hordes of limbs and selfie sticks. Canada’s national parks are just as breathtaking as those you find in the US, but with a smaller proportion of the crowds.

How to Make a Sustainable Impact While Traveling

Go by rail or road

Planes, trains, or cars. Which one is best? Air travel is the worst enemy of sustainable travel because it wreaks havoc on the environment.  However, sometimes flying is non-negotiable. For those who live in Shanghai and want to visit New York, they are not going to take the slow boat to the US. So the best solution here is just to fly less. Also, it is good for those who want to be more sustainable travelers to look into which airlines have the lowest emissions per passenger mile. And wherever possible, traveling overland in a destination instead of taking domestic flights is always a great idea.

Pack reusable items

There is no doubt the best way to reduce waste output is to produce less. Vicky Ellmore from Reusable Nation advises packing light and purposeful. She also advises to stick to the basics and take reusables like a coffee cup, water bottle, bamboo or steel straw food container, and bamboo cutlery so people can avoid single-use plastics. The same goes for replacing single-use plastic bags with reusable alternatives.

How to Make a Sustainable Impact While Traveling

Opt for eco-conscious accommodation

With travelers who know the importance of going green, eco-friendly hotels are on the rise. While hotels are a luxurious treat for many people, waste is something that is often given too little thought. The good news is that more travelers plan and care about the environment. The environmental effect that hotels have is enormous! So, it is good to go for a more eco-conscious accommodation when planning sustainable travel.

Spend your money locally

Last but not least, people who choose locally-owned accommodation, buy locally made products, eat at independent restaurants, and choose local experiences can make a positive impact.