Summer Playlists That Will Get You in the Vacation Mood

Hands up if you’re craving a vacation? Well, we don’t blame you. With everything going on in the world right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone wanted to head off into the sunset and explore a new destination – but it seems as though that won’t be happening for a while. Thankfully, we can rely on music to transport us to a new country instead, and Conde Nast Traveller has teamed up with Playlister to create epic summer playlists that will get you in the vacation mood.

From Sunrise to Sunrise In The Balearics

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Ibiza, or whether you’ve already visited the White Isle and fallen completely head over heels in love, then you will definitely love this playlist. The From Sunrise to Sunrise In The Balearics playlist features all kinds of music that will transport you to Ibiza, from intense dance tracks to beautiful and calming songs that will allow you to imagine yourself on the beach.

Team Conde Nast’s Traveller’s Holiday Playlist

Those looking for a more well-rounded and less specific vacation playlist, then Team Conde Nast’s Traveller’s Holiday Playlist has got your back. This playlist is for anyone who loves to travel and explore new realms, and it features songs that will make you think of summer and happiness. These songs will definitely put a smile on your face and transport you to better times.

Petite Meller’s Africa Playlist

If Africa is on your bucket list, then it’s probably best to get yourself prepared for what your African vacation could be like. So, it’s time to turn up the Petite Meller’s Africa Playlist. Featuring impressive tunes that have come straight from this country, you will feel as though you have been instantly dropped onto these amazing landscapes.

If you love music and you love traveling, then you’ll love these summer playlists.