These Scottish Hiking Trails Should Be On Everyone’s To-Do List

Scotland is an incredible area of the world, but it looks as though the nation could be about to get even more impressive that we first thought. Here’s why you should add these Scottish hiking trails to your to-do list – and fast.

Here’s Why You Should Add These Scottish Hiking Trails To Your To-Do List

The Affric Kintail Way

If you want to enjoy 44 miles of Scottish scenery, then look no further. The Affric Kintail Way takes hikers across all kinds of landscapes as they get to enjoy everything from lochs to enchanted pinewood forests. Some of the paths might be for the more advanced walkers or mountain bikers, but the views on offer can make the entire climb worthwhile.

The Great Trossachs Path

Here is a trail that is customizable to almost anyone depending on their level of walking and how far they would like to go. Some trails take walkers to the hilltops while others see people venturing through the woods. Whatever the case, the paths on The Great Trossachs Path take people to some incredible views as they all loop through the Trossachs National Park. This can be the perfect option for people of all levels.

Here’s Why You Should Add These Scottish Hiking Trails To Your To-Do List

West Highland Way

This can be the trail for many wanting to see as much of Scotland as they can throughout their hike. The West Highland Way shows off some of the most iconic spots across the nation, such as the Devil’s Staircase, Glen Nevis, Loch Lomond, and Loch Leven. It looks as though there’s no stone left unturned on this impressive hike through the Scottish countryside as the inspirational scenery is brought to life in front of our very eyes.

The Cateran Trail

This trail isn’t just impressive; it’s so impressive that The Cateran Trail is one of the Great Trails in Scotland. That’s quite the title. There are some pit stops along this 64-mile trail as walkers travel through all kinds of landscapes, such as moors, farms, and forests. Plus, the trail was once used by the Cateran cattle thieves from the 15th to the 17th-century meaning the entire walk is dripping with plenty of history.

Scotland might not be at the top of our bucket lists, but it might be soon. These Scottish hiking trails could just be enough to prove why a trip to the nation is needed to get back in touch with Mother Nature.