Romantic Trip Ideas for All Those Adventure-Loving Couples

Colorful cocktails at sunset and balmy evenings in the sea-salted air are the cornerstones of a honeymoon or romantic getaway, but who’s to say a holiday must be all about relaxing?

Check out these classic destinations that couples seeking romantic adventures should try.

Kayaks and cocktails in the Maldives

Romantic Trips Ideas for All Those Adventure-Loving Couples

A week of chilling out is perfectly acceptable, but there’s plenty here for those who want more. Make sure you explore the atolls by kayak on a mini-adventure. Setting out alone in a small watercraft not only has a romance of its own but offers the perfect antidote to a sun-baked stupor. Pack snorkels and fins to explore the islands’ world-class coral.

Wondering how to do it? Most hotels in the Maldives offer kayaking and water sports.

Drive from sand to snow in tropical Hawaii

Mauna Kea in Hawaii has its lower reaches beneath sea level, so while it’s not higher than Everest, it is taller. At 13,802ft or 4207m above sea level, this long-dormant volcano on Big Island is often capped with snow – yes, it’s hard to believe, snow in Hawaii. The summit of Mauna Kea is so high, dark, dry, and clean that it allows scientists to investigate the furthest reaches of the observable universe – a sure inspiration to venture from the beach.

One step beyond on a South African safari adventure

Those in search of adventure definitely should consider a safari in South Africa. The thrilling promise of the big five – leopard, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephant– draws over a million annual visitors to Kruger National Park. With immense swathes of open savannah, an array of luxury accommodation, and a supporting cast of hippo, giraffe, cheetah, and zebra. Kruger is popular with honeymooning couples.

Dubai: From skyscrapers to stargazing in the desserts

Romantic Trips Ideas for All Those Adventure-Loving Couples

There is no doubt that Dubai is a place to see and be seen. Romantic couples seeking adventures can choose to camp in the desert after a day of dune bashing.

Mauritian beach to mountain peaks

A beach paradise, Mauritius is popular with couples looking for luxury along with romantic adventures. Couples can hike Le Pouce for superb views of the Moka Range. At 2664ft or 812m, Le Pouce is the third-highest mountain on the island and can be hiked in a 3-hour round trip.

Venetian feast to mountain retreat

Few cities in the world compete with Venice in terms of romance and splendor. Its motifs are unmistakable – the stone reliefs of Rialto Bridge, the elegant curve of a gondola, ornate basilicas, while canalside bistros serve Prosecco and Cicchetti (Venetian tapas).

Pair Venice with a trip to the Dolomites. This region is home to some of the world’s most dramatic mountains, soaring pillars, rugged crags, colossal rock walls, and breathtaking pinnacles. Visit from May to September for sublime hiking and December to March for world-class skiing.

Lagoon life and shark dives in Fiji

Romantic Trips Ideas for All Those Adventure-Loving Couples

Couples who want to heighten their romantic exploits should pause at Pacific Harbour on Viti Levu. Bull sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks, and even the occasional tiger shark – all can be observed here.