How To Enjoy The Pink Lakes Of Mexico

We’ve heard of pigs on beaches. We’ve even heard of flamingo resorts, but pink lakes? There are so many weird and wonderful things to see in the world. If you want to see something incredible, you might want to learn how to enjoy the pink lakes of Mexico.

How To Enjoy The Pink Lakes Of Mexico

Why Are The Lakes Pink?

The lakes are used to mine salt, meaning they are very shallow and only come up to people’s knees. This shallow water means that plankton, shrimp, and red algae are all near the surface of the water. The result? The water looks bright pink!

Explore The Local Town

Las Coloradas is a very small town that’s free from tourist spots and cafes. That means that everything is still just as it was all those years ago. Thankfully, there is one local restaurant and some bathrooms to keep people fed and happy during their trip.

How To Enjoy The Pink Lakes Of Mexico

Enjoy Some Photos

There are now some restrictions on the type of photos you can take after the pink lakes of Mexico became overrun with Instagram stars. You aren’t allowed any drones or DSLR cameras, but you can take pictures with your phone – which can be all you need to get some impressive shots of the area.

Visit Local Beaches

It’s not just the pink lakes of Mexico that draws people to the area. There are also several white-sand beaches in the area that are usually free from tourists. It’s almost like getting a slice of paradise all to yourself. With settings like these, it can be hard to remember you’re not in some kind of dream.

If you’re looking to enjoy the pink lakes of Mexico, then look no further. They are free from tourist traps and come with some of the most breathtaking beaches in the area. After all, how many times can we say we’ve seen a pink lake in our lifetime? That’s what we thought.