A Night-Time Visit to Hokkaido’s Hell Valley Is a Never-To-Miss Adventure

The name itself is thrilling enough! The Hell Valley of Hokkaido in Japan is a true sight for curious eyes. If your travel experience hasn’t given you anything extraordinarily unique yet, add this spot in your bucket list. Sitting on an onsen town powered by volcanic activities, this valley provides multiple hiking trails amidst various volcanic features. To experience the heightened adventure of moonlit mystery, pack up your courage and head to the valley after dark.

The Valley

The onsen town Noboribetsu is located about 100 km southwest of Sapporo city and is famous for nine different types of hot springs. Sitting just above the town, Jigokudani Valley is a uniquely special spot to eyewitness the source of all the volcanic activities of the onset town below. Aptly named as ‘Hell Valley,’ Jigokudani contains sulfurous ponds and streams with more than 50 degrees of temperature, several geysers, hot steam vents, and other volcanic features.

The Night-Time Experience

In the daytime, the valley becomes lively with flocking tourists, and their camera clicks. But, when the night begins to settle, the valley gradually starts to become peacefully silent yet frightening, like a mysterious celestial landscape, only magnified by bright moonlight. Take one of the trails through the valley under the moonlight, and you will feel like walking on an alien land or fantasy drama set. But to be the lucky one to have that nighttime experience, first, you have to opt for the special guest package from the hot spring hotel Noboribetsu Sekisuitei.

The Hotel

Hotel Noboribetsu Sekisuitei is a large and multi-disciplinary hotel, providing a range of services suitable to every choice. It includes an onsite ramen shop, beauty salons, and karaoke bars. But the special feature of the hotel is its beautiful ‘rotenburo’ and the large public indoor bath, both full of warm waters sourced by Jigokudani hot springs. To go for the night tour, the visitors will need at least a one-night booking in the hotel.