A Lowdown on Bivvying – The Minimalistic Way to Camp

Derived from the word bivouac, bivvying is spending time outdoors without a tent. In other words, it is camping in a minimalistic style with minimal gear. Bivvying lets you be one with nature – its sights and sounds – by reducing the gap between you and the wilderness.

With the sounds of crickets to keep you company, an ocean of twinkling stars above as your night lamp, and the lap of nature as your Queen size bed; bivvying is an experience one should go through – at least once in their lifetime. Here are a few pointers that can elevate your bivvying experience to the max.

Invest in a Good-Quality Bivouac Bag

A bivvy bag is the most important gear you’ll carry in your bivvying trip. So, it’s a wise idea to put some thought into choosing a good quality bivouac bag. Read multiple reviews and specifications before finalizing that bag. The reviews will help you choose the best one.

Follow the Etiquettes

Stay low. Bivvying is about making your presence unfelt. Wear the right kind of clothes. If you’re bivvying close to home, avoid carrying food. Stay away from people’s tracks and avoid peeing on the paths frequented by them. Use an Ordnance Survey map to find the right spot. Using the map on your phone is probably not a great idea.

Go Solo or Take Someone With You

There is no hard and fast rule to bivvy. You can go solo, take your kid along, or even a friend with you. It ultimately boils down to your expectation from the experience. If you want to experience unfiltered peace, perhaps going solo is the best way to go about it. But, if you are bivvying for the first time, you might be tempted to take someone with you for safety until you find the courage to go bivvying solo. In the end, the choice is always yours.