Here’s How to Get a Job at the Most Remote Post Office in Antarctica

Seeing a ‘Help Wanted’ sign for a position in the remote continent of Antarctica might be an unusual sight, but turns out it’s not an impossible one. The Uk Antarctic Heritage Trust has launched a search for a team who will help run a remote post office in Antarctica! So if you’re somebody who’s looking for adventure in the far corners of the world, this might just be the job for you.

The Requirements

The British charity is looking for people for three positions – base leader, general assistant, and shop manager. The post office is located on Goudier Island in Port Lockroy. The duties will primarily include taking care of the post and the gift shop, carrying out general maintenance, looking after the museum, and counting the penguins for the purpose of monitoring and protecting the island’s Gentoo colony. Antarctic operations manager Lauren Luscombe stated in a press release that the charity is looking for applicants who can bring to the team a range of skills like heritage, conservation, retail experience, leadership, building maintenance, and management. The team will leave in late October or early November for the far-off continent and will continue to work in Port Lockroy until March 2023.

The Provisions

This is the first time since 2020 that the region will see visitors, making the team being assembled vital for the site. The selected applicants will be expected to work throughout the week, with fixed days off bi-weekly. Since Port Lockroy is a potentially dangerous region, any adventurous activity is not allowed but the candidates can spend their time with simpler pursuits like photography, cooking, reading, drawing, etc. The accommodations provided are basic but comfortable. Visiting ships will provide the team with shower facilities as they aren’t available on the island. There will also be no access to the internet and cell phone reception making communication back home minimal. So if you’re somebody who can flourish in the cold and remote Antarctica, this could be the next perfect job for you!