Visit These Incredible Scuba Diving Spots Around The World

Scuba diving is one of the best sports in the world because it allows you to explore places that most others don’t get to see. There are hidden paradises below the surface of the water that are just waiting for scuba divers to discover them. These are the places around the world we reckon you need to check out for your next scuba dive.

Visit These Incredible Scuba Diving Spots Around The World

Kőbánya, Budapest

Scuba diving isn’t all about the amazing marine life and Kőbánya in Budapest the perfect example of why. There is a mine in this Hungarian city that allows divers to pass through an underground church and wartime hideouts.

This limestone mine was partially flooded in the past, and eventually, the clear water made the perfect spot for a brewery. It’s no longer used so divers decided they should take over the site.

American Samoa

This could be an expensive trip, but that’s what makes American Samoa such a great place to go scuba diving. The cost of travel puts many people off so you’ll be getting almost unrestricted access to some of the most untouched marine life anywhere on the planet. American Samoa is a chain of seven different islands connected by the sea surrounding them. The waters are super clear, and at certain times of the year, you’ll be able to see humpback whales.

Visit These Incredible Scuba Diving Spots Around The World

Miami, Florida

There are some amazing marine adventures to be had on the coast of Miami. Firstly there is the underwater cemetery, known as the Neptune Memorial Reef. It’s about 45 feet below the surface of the water and even still has the cemetery gates. The cemetery is a great final resting place for divers, and as it has been under the water for so long, it’s beginning to attract a coral ecosystem.

When you’ve had enough of the cemetery, there’s another sunken treasure to discover in Florida. There’s a Boeing 727 wreck at the bottom of the Miami sea bed that was placed there in 1993 as part of the Key Biscayne Artificial Reef system. It was perfectly preserved until it was hit by a hurricane in 1995 and now it sits in two pieces.

If you’ve done all of the usual hotspots, why not try heading to these places off the beaten path? They’re less visited but no less as impressive.