Here’s Our Guide For The Top Five Most Epic Road Trips

2018 is shaping up to be the year of the road trip, so we wanted to help you plan one that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Hop in your car and start your engine, these are the top road trips we’ve discovered around the world.

Pacific Coast Highway: San Francisco to San Diego

Traverse one of America’s most breathtaking thoroughfares as you wend your was from the hills of San Francisco to the beaches of San Diego. With over 621 miles to travel through a wide variety of terrain, the trek down the California coast has something for everyone, from beaches to hiking, to forests, and vineyards.

Great Ocean Road: Melbourne to Port Fairy

If you need a chance of pace from the coast line of California, you can try out Australia’s Great Ocean Road, which begins in Melbourne and ends in the fishing village of Port Fairy. The scenery can give the Pacific Coast Highway a run for its money, as it stretches along for over 400 miles.

Southern Scenic Route: Queenstown to Dunedin

The Southern Scenic Route, located on the south end of New Zealand mostly hugs the coastline, and overs an adventure that crosses forests, lakes, mountain vistas, and desert. Beginning in Queensland, the drive will traverse 380 miles as you drive through Fiordland and Ta Anau before reaching Dunedin.

Amalfi Coast: Sorento to Salerno

For those looking for a shorter road trip, try the breathtaking mountains of the Amalfi coast. You’ll be rewarded with quiet Italian villages nearly untouched by tourism, in addition to the view nestled in between the mountain and the sea.

Overwater Highway: Xiangshan to G42 Motorway

This spectacular highway is another of our shorter routes, that is unique for its groundbreaking location. Built into the river valley, the roadway is built above the water, following the course of the river until it joins with the G42 motorway connecting Shanghai to Chengdu in the southwest.