These Are the Most Haunted States in the U.S.

Exploring the Spooky Side: The Most Haunted States in America

The spooky season may well be over, but fans of the paranormal are always on the lookout for new trivia and the chance for a terrifying adventure. Ghost stories. Ghastly lore. If you’re someone who’s particularly a fan of a good fright, now is the perfect time to plan a visit to the spookiest states in America.

California: A Haunting Haven

With 172 Spirit Halloween stores in California, it is indeed the hottest spot for Halloween lovers. However, it stands out because Alcatraz is the most haunted place in the state with an amazing 2,240,000 goggles.

This notorious island prison attracts various ghost hunters as well as enthusiasts who wish to discover its spine-chilling secrets. The Golden State also emerged in the second position with respect to the highest number of haunted houses proving that it’s among the leading sites for ghostly experiences.

Utah: Tying for First Place

When it comes to haunting experiences, Utah cannot be left behind. Union Station in Utah has earned a name because of the alleged paranormal activity.

There’s no scarcity of stories in which you can read about 1,044,000 strange events that took place in this derelict railroad station on Google, in particular. The 23 Spirit Halloween stores and almost 30 haunted houses that will make sure to take care of your craving for a good scare.

The Most Haunted Hotel

The Most Haunted Hotel

If you’re a real lover of all things haunted – someone who wants to have their courage tested – look no further than the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, he “most haunted hotel” in America; including eight hundred thousand search results that confirm its gloomy character.

Do you have the courage to stay in this chilling place for one night? Good luck!