How To Fit All Of Your Clothes Into A Backpack

Whether you’re off on a short beach trip, planning to do some sightseeing globetrotting, or simply taking a weekend away overnight, traveling with a smaller lightweight backpack can be a laborious and inconvenient task. However much you try and squeeze everything in, there just never seems to be enough room!

Fear not. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are four of our best tips on how to fit all your clothes in.

How To Fit All Of Your Clothes Into A Backpack

Use The Army Roll Technique

Most of your clothing items like tops, shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear can be rolled to save extra space. Rolling them up as tightly as possible will compact the items to as small as they can possibly fit. Just make sure you fold and roll them in the right ways to avoid creasing where possible.

Use The Sole Of Your Shoes

Shoes are often the bulkiest and heaviest item in your backpack, so make sure you make the most of the insole space to pack smaller items – including things like jewelry, chargers, toiletries, etc. The shoe will also protect these items from travel impact. You might even want to use this space for rolled up clothes too.

How To Fit All Of Your Clothes Into A Backpack

Put Lighter Clothes At The Bottom Of The Bag

If you want to make sure you are making the most of the inside space in your backpack, try putting all of the lightest clothing to the bottom of the bag. This will mean that the heavier clothing on top of them will squish and compact them down. But be careful you only squish down items that won’t get damaged!

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a must-buy for keen long-term travelers wanting to get the most efficient storage from your backpack. You can stack and pack them in your bag whatever way fits most effectively. Plus, they are a fantastic way of organizing and categorizing your luggage so it’s quick and easy to pack and repack your bag.

If you’ve decided to use a backpack and are struggling to fit everything in, don’t get too worried – prioritize what you really need and ensure you make the most of the space. Traveling should be fun and stress-free, so make sure you’re doing it right.