Explore the Beauty of Calabria on a New Coast-to-Coast Hiking Trail

The Beauty of CalabriaLovers of outdoor activities and breathtaking nature, rejoice! The picturesque Italian region of Calabria now has a brand new hiking trail that connects the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas from one coast to the other. Known as the Calabria Coast to Coast, this exciting trail runs for 55 kilometers from Soverato to Pizzo, going through beaches and mountains, lush flora, and rich fauna.

Discover Local Culture on the New Hiking Trail

Since Calabria was historically part of Magna Graecia, the region has more than a millennium’s worth of tradition, culture, and tastes to discover. The new trail took the Calabria Trekking Association several years to make, and their goal to create “an emotional and sensorial journey” for avid travelers has definitely been achieved.

Calabria Coast to Coast: the Details

The main map of the hiking trail with markings for break stops, accommodation, and landscape specifics The hiking trail is divided into three main sections, each about 20 kilometers long. Every section has a different level of difficulty from medium to medium-high, so hikers can plan their trip according to their abilities. The Calabria Trekking volunteers are there to offer complete assistance to hikers and can easily be reached by phone. Tourists are encouraged to check-in and out of the trail (it can be done online), so it’s easier for trail officials to supervise the trip and respond quickly in case of an emergency.

In addition to on-site help, there is also a trail passport that hikers can get free of charge (voluntary contribution is appreciated) to mark their progress using stamps from each village and town along the way. This allows travelers to get discounts in hotels and restaurants in the area. So, plan ahead and explore Calabria’s breathtaking coastline, mountains, and valleys together with the local people and cultures along the new hiking trail.

An image from the new hiking trailTo learn more about each section of the hike, landscape specifics, and updates, it’s best to check the Calabria Trekking website.