Ways To Enjoy Key West That’s Not Just The Beach

When you think of Key West, we guess you conjure up images of lounging on the beach under the famous Florida sun? While it can be great to take in the incredible beaches in the area, there are also plenty of other ways to enjoy Key West that’s not just the beach.

Go Sail Boating

If you love the water, it could be time to get out there and rent a sailboat. The water is so beautiful around Key West, but you don’t have to spend the day on the beach to take it in.

Dine In Local Restaurants

Being so close to the water means that many restaurants in Key West serve incredible, fresh seafood. Thankfully, there are also several other options for those looking for something other than seafood.

Rent Bikes

You can stay active and explore the local area a little differently. All you need to do is hire some bikes for the day. There are plenty of places to rent bikes around Key West. It’s all about looking for the best deal!

Go Bar Hopping

It turns out that people in Key West love a good time. That is if the number of bars is anything to go by. There are plenty of atmospheres to suit most people, even if you want a bar with a laid-back atmosphere.

Watch The Sunset

The sunset in Key West is unlike any other in the world. Street performers bring Mallory Square to life each night as the sun sets for another day over the island. If you’re lucky, you may even catch the silhouette or two of the boats coming back in.

There are so many ways to enjoy Key West that’s not just the beach. In fact, the island is packed full of things to see and do while being surrounded by a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Do things get any better than that?