Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

Wanting to travel more and wanting to have a better impact on the environment are two incredibly noble ambitions…that, unfortunately, don’t often go together.

Traveling itself means getting from one place to another, which we all now know requires either a car, bus, boat, train, or plane – all of which aren’t the environment’s best friend, no matter how individually sized the impact. On top of that, being on the move often comes with a higher use of disposable materials; it’s obviously easier to get from place to place when you don’t need to constantly prepare or clean supplies before and after every sitting. After all those months of waiting and saving for this precious escape from reality, every second counts.

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But these days, we know that every little bit of effort counts. And if you have that one friend who’s going to make sure they do whatever they can to reduce their impact – be it schlepping around their own handkerchief or routine-cleaning their utensils in public places – this list is full of awesome gifts you can get them to help them stick to their goals in style.

1. Solar charger

Providing power anywhere under the sun with no plug needed, and reducing energy usage while you’re at it? Yes please.

Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

2. Reusable cup

There are so many uses for this, it’s hard to even count. It can handle hot coffee in the morning, hydrating water throughout the day, and that post-dinner evening tea you need to take on the go to catch the last train.

Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

3. Reusable and compostable portable utensil set

No plastic knives or fork teeth will break into your food? With these handy utensils, that won’t ever happen again. Plus, this eco-friendly set lets you eat guilt-free.

Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

4. Sustainably sourced travel shoes

These are the hottest new thing, designed for a multitude of activities, from only eco-friendly materials, and to look good. With many new brands taking a creative approach to doing this job well, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

5. Clothing or jewelry for an eco-friendly cause

Everyone needs new clothes and jewelry, but buying it can come with a moral dilemma, leading many people to hesitate. Gift your friend something they’ve been in the market for which will donate some proceeds to a cause your friend supports – giving them two gifts in one!

Take this recycled glass necklace, for example:

Eco-friendly gifts for that one travel-obsessed friend

This is what we call truly happy shopping.