These Destinations Are Sunny Nearly All Year Round

We all have different preferences when it comes to weather. Some people like it to always be warm and dry, while others feel much more comfortable when it’s cold outside. If you’re the former, you’ll probably love these perpetual sunny destinations.

These Destinations Are Sunny Nearly All Year Round


Hawaii is a pretty obvious choice if you like the sun, but why wouldn’t you want to go here? While it does experience rain from time to time, it’s never for very long. The rest of the time the sun’s shining down on the white sand beaches and crystal waters, leaving you with temperatures potentially as high as 85°F!


It shouldn’t be surprising that Africa is a great continent to visit if you’re interested in perpetual summer weather. Egypt, in particular, is an excellent choice because there are so many amazing sights to see there. You can marvel at the pyramids or enjoy a ride along the Nile while experiencing up to 90°F heat.

These Destinations Are Sunny Nearly All Year Round


Given its proximity to the Equator, Thailand makes the perfect choice for a warm vacation. It feels like it’s summer there most of the year thanks to average temperatures of 84°F. Of course, what’s heat without a sun to enjoy? Thankfully, the country gets plenty of that while you dip your toe in its cultural wonders.

Cape Verde

While sun and heat usually go hand in hand, not everyone wants to feel like they’re burning under the sunshine. Fortunately, Cape Verde offers more modest temperatures while still providing hours of light. It’s the vast coastline that makes all the difference, providing a refreshing breeze that keeps temperatures around 77°F.

If you hate the chill of winter, or you simply want a summer that promises more sunshine than you get at home, you’re never short of places to go. Just remember to pack plenty of sunscreen.