Chris Hemsworth Takes His Whole Family to Australia

The Hemsworth family is known for their staycations, and Chris Hemsworth decided to go big and take his family to Australia for a vacation. Hemsworth, who is a global ambassador for Tourism Australia, took his family to Lord Howe Island, which is located right off the coast of New South Wales.

Chris Hemsworth taking a selfie on a sunny beach
Chris Hemsworth Takes His Whole Family to Australia

A Family Reunion Thanks to Chris Hemsworth

The trip to Lord Howe Island was the first trip that the entire family had taken since Liam and Luke Hemsworth moved back to Australia in the middle of the pandemic. Luckily for the fans, the family shared some moments from their strip on social media.

Lord Howe Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the world got to follow along on social media as the Hemsworth family toured the island. Chis Hemsworth and his family visited coral reefs, lagoons, and even mountain valleys. They were lucky to be there because the island is currently only allowing up to 400 visitors at one time.

While on the island, the Hemsworth family was able to stay busy as they went surfing, fishing, and even snorkeling. At night, they would return to their posts, but they would dine together outdoors so that they would not miss a moment in nature.

They went on a tour of the coastline with Reef N Beyond Eco Tours, and the family also did some bird-watching before they hiked up Mount Gower, which is almost a 9-mile hike.

Surrounded by Natural Landscapes

Chris Hemsworth and family on vacation on Lord Howe Island in 2020
Chris Hemsworth Takes His Whole Family to Australia

Based on the posts of the Hemsworth family, they were the first guests to stay at the Island House lodge, which recently opened. It has two horses that are surrounded by natural landscapes. They had in-house chefs who even cooked Japanese-style meals.

Chis Hemsworth mentioned that this year had been hard on many communities, especially those that depend on tourism. He added that while not everyone could travel at these times, he highly recommended touring Lord Howe Island once they would be able to.