Chilly Destinations For When You’re Done With The Summer Sun

Sometimes you’re not out there to go chasing the sun, if you’re caught in a massive heatwave then sometimes it’s nice to go find somewhere on the cooler side of life. So, when you’ve had enough of the summer sun, here are some great destinations for you.

Chilly Destinations For When You’re Done With The Summer Sun


Iceland is a magical place filled with breathtaking landscapes, it’ll be unlike anything you have ever seen before. It’s famous for many things, one of those being Skaftafell Ice Cave, a natural cave that’ll make you think you’re in the middle of a fantasy movie. You also have the rare opportunity to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland, which is something many people wish for in their lifetime.


Norway is known to have some incredible sights, snowfall, and some awesome locals. The unique towns here will immerse you into a cultural hub like never before, but that’s not all, it also has world-class touring railways, stunning mountains, and everything you could possibly want in a winter wonderland experience.

Chilly Destinations For When You’re Done With The Summer Sun


Canada is pretty huge, so one of the places we would recommend is Banff, it’s national park will have you reeling. The National Park is between two mountains and is home to the incredibly Lake Louise that is known for its magical color changes. It’s been said to gleam either turquoise or a sapphire color depending on the light at the time.


Specifically, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort where visitors can stay in glass igloos and witness the Northern Lights at any point. All you have to do is open your eyes and look up! They also have log cabins if you would prefer the more traditional, cute, and cozy approach.

There are plenty of places to go if you’re looking for a winter escape.