The Most Breathtaking Locations For A Sailing Vacation

Not all of us want to spend all day lying by a swimming pool or shopping in local markets. Some of us can think of nothing better than getting out there on the open water. If that sounds like you, it could be time to check out the most breathtaking locations for a sailing vacation.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast has long been a popular location thanks to the weather and incredible scenery. Now, you can enjoy it in a whole new way thanks to a sailing holiday. After all, the sea is right there and waiting for you whenever you fancy a dip.

Hebrides, Scotland

It’s not just the drink that has people flooding to Scotland. Sailing around the seas means you could have a chance of seeing some incredible wildlife. Scotland really is one of the hidden gems in the world.

Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Believe it or not, but sailing between Turkey and the Greek Dodecanese Islands is a lot smoother than many think. This makes it the perfect location for a sailing vacation. You can experience a variety of cultures in style.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

You will be surrounded by green volcanic slopes and uncharted areas of land with a sailing vacation around Myanmar. As well as finding some of Asia’s best kept nautical secrets, you could also stumble across exotic corals and waterfalls.

Aegean Sea, Greece

If clear blue skies teamed with beautiful Greek weather sounds like your kind of vacation, you might want to consider a sailing vacation in the Aegean Sea. The surrounding landscape is perfectly sculpted, while the larger islands come with plenty of nightlife to keep you entertained.

The wind in your hair and the sea beneath your fingertips – there are so many reasons to book a sailing vacation. If you’re going to the effort, you want to make sure it’s in style, right?