Jettly Launches a New Platform For Booking Private Jets As Easily As Expedia

Everything nowadays, from a motorbike to a Sedan, is just a click away! All you have to do is download a few apps and book your private vehicle at your convenience. But have you ever dreamt of booking a private jet just as easily? Well, you no longer have to be a who’s who to do that. Now it’s as simple as booking an Airbnb or calling an Uber, thanks to the new Expedia-like service of the app Jettly.

The Booking Platform

With a five-year track record in elevating the regular aviation system, Jettly has recently launched its latest innovation in the field of private aviation. According to Jettly CEO Justin Crabbe, this brand new booking platform functions just like Expedia, putting everything needed for booking a private jet from anywhere in the world on a single-screen dashboard. The easily user-friendly dashboard has a familiar interface for online travel booking. The new Jettly booking site works almost in the same way as Expedia, Kayak, or Google Flights, with a few modified features suitable for the nature and rules of private aviation.

The Objective

According to Crabbe, the typical private jet booking process is like traveling back to the era of the 1990s, when there were no Ubers or Airbnbs in the world! Truly, in the world of private jet charters, the traditional broker model is hectic and time-consuming. To enjoy all that glitz and glamor, the aspiring travelers have to endure a lot of annoyance and boredom, with a series of emails and phone calls between brokers and middlemen that can take from hours to even days! Jettly CEO Crabbe was quick enough to point out that he himself was trapped in this demographic too, and that’s why he wanted to bring a dramatic change to the tiresome process. Made for a millennial mindset, his new Jettly platform has no doubt elevated the private jet booking process to great heights, with Expedia-like smooth functionality.