Best Places To Vacation In The Forgotten Month Of February

One month before the first tastes of spring and one month after the widely hated “longest month in the year,” February often comes with mixed feelings…or gets overlooked entirely. But what most people don’t realize is that it’s actually the perfect time to travel – since most people don’t realize this.

Whether you want to chase the sunshine across the world, or enjoy the winter’s last bits of snow, there are plenty of fantastic February destinations to capitalize on when the rush of tourism, and all of its expensive prices, are still down.

Best Places To Vacation In The Forgotten Month Of February

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Let the sun shine. Malaysia has incredible food and surprisingly great shopping bargains everywhere, but Kuala Lumpur is where you’ll find the best beaches in February. Even their cities focus on nature, with urban sites like the Lake Gardens and Bird Park (with more than 3,000 birds and opportunities to feed them). Truly a paradise!

Saint Lucia

This eastern-Caribbean island is warm all year, so February is a great time to take the opportunity. With white-sand beaches, a rainforest, sulfurous mud pools, waterfalls, world-class diving, and the Pitons, two volcanic peaks named Gros Piton and Petit Piton – you’ll never want to leave. The month of February also includes their Independence Day, celebrated with parades, festivities, and the island’s national dish, “green figs and saltfish.” The island even has its own chocolate heritage.

Madrid, Spain

Though not as warm as the tropics, Madrid is truly a city with unlimited indoor splendors to enjoy; you’ll never want to leave the city’s museums, restaurants, and other popular sites. Several carnivals also happen in February to take advantage of.

Best Places To Vacation In The Forgotten Month Of February

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The history, culture, people, food, beaches, and resorts of San Juan offer everything a vacation could ask for. Plus, after the devastating 2017 hurricanes, much of the island has been renovated – without the spike in prices. But the city’s cobblestone streets still date back around 500 years, and there are many historic churches, homes, forts, museums, and cafes to celebrate still standing. Not to mention, its beautiful oceans, ideal for swimming and snorkeling, are priceless.

Perth, Australia

When you see winter, Australia sees summer! Head to Perth for an incredible and diverse taste of this Australian metropolis while the weather’s still warm.

Best Places To Vacation In The Forgotten Month Of February

Telluride, Colorado

While you’ll find many other expert skiers and snowboarders here catching the last powders, that’s not all there is to do like in some ski resorts: try riding fat-tire bikes or snowshoeing, too.

After January, it’s easy to slump out of all that new year cheer. But get your February vacation in, get a smile back on your face – and get your New Years’ goals back on track!