Local-Recommend Best Travel Attractions in Philadelphia

Locals Tell You the Best Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Heading to Philadelphia and confused as to what to do? Look no further! They say traveling to any city requires research, and the best advice usually comes from a local. So, we’ve brought you some things that locals advise should be at the top of your list of attractions in Philly:

Philadelphia Museum of Art:

Take inspiration from the fictional Philly boxer, Rocky Balboa, and head up the stairs leading to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here, you get to see artworks throughout the years through some 200 galleries. Some landmarks to keep in mind are the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (modeled after the Champs-Élysées in Paris), the Frank Gehry-redesigned western entrance, and the Marcel Duchamp rooms.

Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute

Featuring a larger-than-life model of the beating heart, the Franklin Institute is a great place to start your Philly tour. Apart from being a right of passage for the native school children, this museum has fun activities and rotating exhibits to help explore electricity, physics, space, and technology.

Reading Terminal Market

Home to the country’s oldest continuously-operating indoor market, the Reading Terminal makes for a traveler’s attraction. Try to get there early to avoid the lunch rush, and take your time experiencing the plethora of offerings. Browse through the market and put together your own assortment from food standouts like the Guatemalan street food from El Merkury, the soft pretzels from Miller’s Twist, and much more.

The LOVE Statue

The LOVE Statue

The most recognizable public art piece in the city, the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, makes for an Instagram-worthy post. Make your way to the JFK Plaza, which is more commonly known as Love Park, and click a photo to commemorate your visit.

The Barnes

Catering to the art connoisseur, the Barnes houses the largest collection of artwork by the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Thanks to the work of the late scientist Albert C. Barnes, you can now see this collection along with a number of modern, post-impressionist, and impressionist pieces. Some highlights of the Barnes also include the works of Picasso, Matisse, and Van Gogh, among others.

Zagar’s Magic Gardens

Started in 1991, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens contains indoor and outdoor art exhibits carefully curated by the artist Isaiah Zagar. Using daily items like bicycle wheels, bottles, etc., he made the breathtaking handmade mosaics there. Visiting with kids? Grab a scavenger hunt sheet and have fun exploring the gardens!