Everything There is to Know About Backcountry Camping

Backcountry camping is all about getting away from the traditional camping spots and venturing out into vast expanses of green. That’s right; you’ll have to hike to your destination if you want to go backcountry camping. Here’s everything you need to know before your next adventure.

The Difference From Camping

The difference between regular and backcountry camping is you don’t park your car and unload your tent. No, you have to hike to your destination and set up camp well away from the rest of the world. This could also mean you need to forgo luxuries like bathrooms and running water.

Test Your Gear

One of the most important things about camping is to test your gear before you leave. This is even more important when backcountry camping as you’ll usually be miles away from your car when you find you’re missing a pole or the tent isn’t waterproof.

Where To Go Backcountry Camping

National parks are usually a great place to start when it comes to somewhere to stay for the night. Some of the sights have even been cleared and come with bathrooms to help people feel a little more at home.

Get Your Permits

One important thing to remember is that you usually need a backcountry camping permit to stay in a national park. While they are quickly snapped up in popular months, you can generally get your hands on a permit by booking a few months in advance.

Leave No Trace

Another strong aspect of this kind of camping is to leave no trace. This means campers try to take all of their trash home and make sure they leave no impact on the area. After all, we are staying in wildlife’s home.

Backcountry camping could quickly become the next-best way to get out there and get in touch with Mother Nature for your next adventure.