The Australian Airline Qantas Is Encouraging Domestic Travel

Due to specific traveling restrictions in place, Australians will continue to refrain from traveling abroad. However, to ease the news of not being able to travel internationally, the national airline, Qantas, is launching “Mystery Flights” as a way to encourage domestic travel.

Qantas, the national airline of Australia Qantas Is Encouraging Domestic Travel

Travelers can choose to book one of the three journeys that are offered by Qantas, where they’ll put their fate into the hands of the Australian airline. They’re offering one-day trips that fly out of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The available dates are in late March, mid-April, and the beginning of May.

The Boeing 737s will be limited to carrying 120 passengers, and they’ll be traveling to destinations that are within a two-hour radius. Travelers will be able to enjoy breakfast in the Qantas lounge starting at 7 AM, and they’ll return in the early evening.

Guests won’t be informed of where they’re going until the plane descents into the mystery location. However, the flight path will appear on the screens in front of each seat. In addition to this, Qantas passengers will receive filers that can help them guess where they’re going.

Hints on the Destinations

Qantas Airlines flying over Australia. The airline also offers hints on the Qantas website. Flights departing from Brisbane will offer the perfect getaway. They encourage passengers who have a love for country hospitality, wine, gourmet food, and the outdoors to travel. For the Sydney flights, they’re targeting people who will enjoy having lunch on the beach.

Those who are interested in flying from Melbourne should enjoy the great outdoors, farmer’s markets, and gourmet food and wine. The all-inclusive packages are available for economy seats and business-class.

With a band on overseas travel, Qantas is doing its best to encourage locals to continue to travel domestically. The news from the airline is that they will resume international travel in October 2021.