5 Reasons To Add Bolivia To Your Bucket List

If you’re the kind of person that wants to see as much of the world as possible, there’s a high chance that your bucket list is getting pretty full up. Too many countries, too little time, right? Well, we have a feeling that you might want to add a new addition to your bucket list. Bolivia might not have been on your radar before this, but soon you’ll be packing your bags and buying your ticket for the experience of a lifetime.

5 Reasons To Add Bolivia To Your Bucket List

You Can Visit The World’s Largest Salt Flats

Bolivia is home to Salar de Uyuni, which takes the crown as the largest salt flats in the world. While this may not seem like fun to you, everyone really should see this natural phenomenon at least once in their lives. It’s truly other-worldly and has to be seen to be believed.

You Can Explore La Paz

If you’re going to visit Bolivia, you definitely have to visit La Paz. This city is the bustling hub of the country, even though it’s situated a whopping 3,600 meters above sea level. Spend time making your way through the winding streets, but make sure that you check out the famous Witches Market for all of your spooky needs.

5 Reasons To Add Bolivia To Your Bucket List

You Embrace History in Sucre

The whole city of Sucre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there’s a good reason for this. Shrouded in Spanish colonial history, the buildings are absolutely stunning. The whitewashed walls will take your breath away, and the food will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

You Can Check Out The Red Lagoon

There’s a high chance that you’ve never seen water quite like the water in the Red Lagoon. Filled with flamingoes and red in color, this lake has adopted this color thanks to the algae that lives beneath the surface. If you can see this lake at sunset, you’ll definitely need to remember your camera.

5 Reasons To Add Bolivia To Your Bucket List

You Can Cycle Along Death Road

Okay, so this might not sound too appealing, but Death Road is actually one of the most popular attractions in Bolivia. This road runs from the city of La Paz right into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and offers absolutely stunning views. As long as you wear a helmet, you’ll be completely safe.

Bolivia is one of those countries that everyone seems to ignore, but that shouldn’t be the case. Why not add it to your bucket list?