These 5 Packing Tips Will Save Time And Make Every Trip Easier

Packing is a learning experience for everyone. After years of trials and tribulations, most people end up swearing by their preferred method, tried and true – but when put to the test, it’s not always great for someone else. But some great packing tips are getting almost unanimously good reviews across the board. There are many great ways to pack, but these 5 are just better than the rest for everybody.

1. Roll, don’t fold.

It’s time we all paid our respects to the genius out there who realized not too long ago how far superior rolled clothes are than folded clothes for packing. No one knows whose idea it was first, but everyone who’s tried it is on board. It saves space, prevents wrinkles, and takes less time!

These 5 Packing Tips Will Save Time And Make Every Trip Easier

2. Choose travel-friendly fabrics.

That favorite dress won’t be your favorite anymore if it comes out of your suitcase full of wrinkles. When it comes to traveling, just opt for the clothes that are harder to wrinkle, harder to stain, and take up less space. Less worry and caution, more fun – and more space for souvenirs!

3. Place heavy items at the base.

Walking around the airport with luggage is annoying already, but nothing is as annoying as a bag that falls over the second you walk away from it. But the solution to this problem is easy: put all the heavy stuff closest to the bottom.

These 5 Packing Tips Will Save Time And Make Every Trip Easier

4. Use packing cubes.

Of course, this isn’t a necessity. But let’s be honest, without these, your suitcase will always go from neatly organized to “Where are my socks?!” in 24 hours. Try it and we promise there’s no turning back.

5. Pack the first outfit you’ll want to wear on top.

There’s nothing like flying across the world and trying to piece together a nice outfit for your first night on the town while dragging your feet through jetlag. Save yourself the trouble, and pick it out ahead of time!